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TRAINFITNESS Scholarship Programme

TRAINFITNESS are seeking individuals who are looking to make a change in their own and other peoples lives by moving into the fitness industry. Who are then going to use this newly acquired skill to help the wider community to reap the benefits of improved health and fitness. Train Fitness are offering a scholarship onto one of our personal training courses. The aim of this is to help people who might not have previously been able to or who have had to overcome some form of adversity to enter the exciting world of the fitness industry. The scholarship will allow the lucky Train Fitness scholar to study completely free at one of our venues around the UK.

TRAINFITNESS are looking for people who:

  • - Are struggling to make the leap due to financial constraints.
  • - Have had to overcome some form of personal challenge to get to the point where they could take part in a course like this.
  • - Are planning to use a personal training qualification to improve the wider community and help others.
  • - Are from a charity organisation and this will be used to help charity users.

If this sounds like you we want you to contact us, we are awarding four scholarships for our personal trainer diploma courses per year, and you could be one of them. As a scholar you will be given the course entirely for free and receive some of the very best fitness education in the industry. Our courses are all fully recognised and accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals and Active IQ. More specific details of the courses we offer can be seen throughout our website.

If this sounds like you so far, and you are looking to make a difference in your own life and that of others then the Train Fitness Scholarship scheme is for you. Next we need to get to know you and your plans a little better so we have designed an easy to fill in form that will help us better understand you, your circumstances and what you plan to do with this qualification if you become a Train Fitness Scholar.

We will then use this to create a short list of potential scholars who will go through to our short list. The second stage will involve you telling us a little bit about you and your plans if you were to be awarded this amazing opportunity.

Do not waste any time and fill this in today and you could be the next Train Fitness Scholar, just fill in the form below and start your application today.

4 Scholarships Available Every Year



We promise not to pass any of your information on!

This scheme is open to:
Anyone who is over 18 years old.
lives in the UK

Terms and conditions apply.