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Future House

Future House

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Hardly any musical direction of electronic dance music is currently as hip as Future House. Future House is predominantly instrumental and is characterized by deep, modulated basses and a distinctive melody line. We are very proud of our own Future House production.

Track Title   BPM Time
01 The Energy1264:49
02 Work It1264:34
03 Check This Out1264:49
04 Jump1264:50
05 Monster1264:33
06 Don't Give Up1264:49
07 Deep1264:19
08 Future Funk1264:49
09 Bounce It1265:19
10 The Heat1264:34
11 Party Nonstop1264:49
12 The Power1264:49
13 Family Affair1264:42
14 Pass The Time1005:18
TrackTitle BPMTime
01 The Energy1324:36
02 Work It1324:22
03 Check This Out1324:36
04 Jump1324:36
05 Monster1324:21
06 Don't Give Up1324:36
07 Deep1324:07
08 Future Funk1324:36
09 Bounce It1325:05
10 The Heat1324:21
11 Party Nonstop1324:36
12 The Power1324:36
13 Family Affair1324:30
14 Pass The Time1005:18