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goDeep #3

goDeep #3

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The MOVE YA! goDeep series is the ultimate music tool for all classes where athletic training is combined with the content of the Pilates training (e.g. deepWORK, F.A.C.T.S., Urban Pilates). The mix is divided into 3 phases: warm up, dynamic workout (about 50 minutes) and relaxation. The special thing about the music at the workout part is that here the emphasis is on rhythmic, sweeping beats, which perfectly support the motivation and will power. The royalty free goDeep #3 workout part consists of dynamic house with kicking beats and deep basslines.

Track Title   BPM Time
01MOVE YA!Intro 0:20
02MOVE YA!It Happen1004:28
03MOVE YA!Turn Off1003:50
04MOVE YA!Cobra1004:14
05MOVE YA!The Heat1285:00
06MOVE YA!In The Club1285:30
07MOVE YA!Feel Free1283:59
08MOVE YA!Back To Deep1285:59
09MOVE YA!I Feel The Sound1285:15
10MOVE YA!The Beat Is Kicking1285:14
11MOVE YA!Jump1284:44
12MOVE YA!Take Me Higher1285:29
13MOVE YA!The Power1284:30
14MOVE YA!Too Hasty1284:20
15MOVE YA!Flowing Moves805:36
16MOVE YA!Nightfly804:53