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Tai Chi Grooves

Tai Chi Grooves

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Lucia Nirmala Schmidts newest opus flatters European ears and consist of pieces which perfectly exercice the art of deceleration. Enjoy warm voices of singers giving the lyrical songs additional relaxation. The combination of traditional Japanese instruments, paired with sound bowls, gongs, long-necked sounds, keyboards and western electronic flatters body and mind with siren-like seduction.

Track Artist Title BPM Time
01 Tingara Licht 80 6:00
02 Tingara Gegenwart Des Göttlichen 73 4:01
03 Tingara Horizont Des Meeres 82 7:03
04 Tingara Zugvogel 90 3:58
05 Tingara Nachtflug 48 4:26
06 No Artist Teyyata 69 15:03
07 No Artist Lobon Rinpoch 5:24
08 Buddha Chants Omani Padme Hum 23:54