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BeBalanced - Like a workout on clouds

BeBalanced - Like a workout on clouds

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BeBalanced - Like a workout on clouds

Training with the AIREX® Balance product line gives you an efficient and comprehensive workout focusing on various areas of application. Along with posture, balance, body awareness, strength, stamina and flexibility, three additional areas also receive attention: life balance, health maintenance and general well-being.

The destabilizing qualities of AIREX® Balance products activate control functions in the brain. In order to maintain equilibrium, receptors in the feet, joints and eyes are sensitized, helping you to achieve therapeutic and athletic goals more quickly. The secret lies in the special material used in AIREX® Balance products, which makes barefoot workouts especially inviting.

Manuela Böhme, director of the Institute for Fitness Education in Hamburg, Germany and internationally recognized fitness expert has developed the BeBalanced! program. This double DVD gives you an overview of the program and products as well as helpful tips and clear instructions for working out using the AIREX® Balance-pad Elite.

The first DVD includes an informative instructional session including three 20-minute workouts to demonstrate the Balanced Motion, Power and Back programs. Each workout is rounded off with warm-up and cool-down segments.

The second DVD offers you a collection of 5-minute programs on the topics of Body, Spirit and Beauty. These can be used as intensive "blitz-workouts" or as individual elements to build into your personal training sessions.

Total Time: 230 mins