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David Van De Velde - Daves Hip Hop Battle

David Van De Velde - Daves Hip Hop Battle

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David Van De Velde - Daves Hip Hop Battle

Running time Approx 105 min

Calling al the B-Boys & Fly-Girls. Its time to hit the dance floor for some breaking, some poppin' and some damn fine lockin' . World Hip Hop Champion David Van De Velde breaks out some high tech, super adrenalised advanced Hip Hop choreography with original phat moves and cool teaching methods. This is a power packed routine for people who just wanna dance! David’s sole purpose is to give you the viewer as many different variations and ideas as possible. The gradual breakdown methods contained in this workout allows teachers the ability to implement the movements into classes of many skill levels. Choose from the total overload version for true Hip Hop diehards…or maybe stretch the sequences out over a couple of weeks for the Hip Hoppers in training. Put on your baggy jeans, your basketball shirt and get ready…it's time for a battle!

David Van De Velde

A Nike Elite Trainer and organizer of workshops and conventions with the Nike Training Team, David was nominated for the Belgium Fitness Trophy in 2001 and awarded Presenter of Excellence in the UK in 2003. With an eclectic background including a strong dance influence that stems from performing, choreographing and touring the US and Europe with a teenage pop group, David became the1999 FISAF Belgium Hip Hop Champion as well the World Street dance Champion. Since entering the aerobics scene in 1997 he has gone on to develop his own unique style and consistently injects it into his Hilo, Latin, Street dance & Kickboxing presentations. David is a regular presenter on the European convention circuit where he is praised for his logical teaching techniques, creative ideas and super sized personality.