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Marc-O. Kluike Dance Exercise Level 2

Marc-O. Kluike Dance Exercise Level 2

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Language: English


  • Warm up
  • Choreo block 1: Puppet On A String
  • Choreo block 2: Cha Cha Turn
  • Choreo block 3: Step Kick Spiral
  • Choreo Final Blocks 1-3
  • Bonus Dance

This DVD is a must-have for all instructors teaching Fitness Dance classes.

On this DVD for advanced dance artists, Marc proves his originality and many years' experience once more. As usual, he succeeds in explaining his creative ideas so that even difficult step sequences are easily understood. Here he shows the new choreographies "Puppet On A String", "Cha Cha Turn" and "tap dance to kick Spiral" for the first time.

Marc presents his ideas block by block, building up on each other and combining the moves with dynamic arm movements by which you receive a comprehensive dance workout for the lower as well as the upper body.