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Move It! Aerobic and Dance Showdown 2

Move It! Aerobic and Dance Showdown 2

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Move It! Aerobic & Dance Showdown 2

DVD / Video 120min.

“You wanted the best? You got the best! The hottest teachers in the world all “Move It” just for you!”

Are you ready for another power blend of the latest and greatest moves, grooves and fabulous flair from a top ranked list of celebrity teachers? Silly question. Aerobic & Dance Showdown 2 is all that and more. And they say that sequels are never as good as the original! Well this video blows that theory right out of the water. More teachers, from more countries, with more choreography and even more value…this is the showdown to end all Showdowns!

Featuring complete choreography segments from the latest evolution video releases. Each section includes full breakdown, progressions and finished products. Nearly 20 blocks of brand spanking new choreography! It’s like a convention…only in your lounge room.

Hot! Latin Dance & Step - Robert Steinbacher (Switzerland) The King of all things dance is back with his hotter than hot take on Latin style choreography. More shimmy and shake than ever before.

Dance Aerobic 3 – Marc Oliver Kluike (Germany) The Fred Astaire of Aerobics and his charming dancing queens take you on a dance journey that only stops for your imagination to catch up with their creativity.

Cardiography - Yoga Avidar (Israel) This rhythmic biography tells a personal tale of curious creativity, mindful thought and tailored technique with slamming choreography.

Shake Your Latin Thing! - David Van De Velde (Belgium) David has the amazing ability to take familiar Latin dance steps and with a twist or a twirl create sequences that wi¬ll leave you begging for the party to continue.

Aerodynamics – Marcus Irwin (Australia) Marcus shows you how choreography can transition from simple to groovy and then onwards and upwards to power packed and challenging.

People In Motion – Bianca Swartout (Germany) With influences from jazz and funk, Bianca weaves her magic creating scintillating dance combinations into choreography not unlike nuclear fusion.

Furious Hilo Jam - David Van De Velde (Belgium) Bursting with energy, these hi energy combinations create a fun workout as well as a valuable tool for teachers to learn from a

Belgium master.

Combo Mania – Steve Schiemer (Australia) It’s all here in a hot new double bill from an Aussie legend. Taken from this two-part video Steve as he takes you through some of his latest and greatest choreography.

Dance Sensations – Jessica Exposito (Spain) With her relaxed and effortless style she weaves magical movements and creative layers from humble beginnings into Dance Sensations.

This new release features segments from the latest evolution releases as well as from soon to be released titles. It also offers previously unseen footage from earlier releases. More of the best from the evolution treasure chest!

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