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Pure Pilates Advanced

Pure Pilates Advanced

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Juliana Afram is an internationally active Pilates presenter, choreographer and Nike athlete. She became qualified as a Pilates master trainer in the Pilates capital of New York and counts as one of the most renowned stars in the world of Pilates. Juliana is a proprietor of Power Pilates Deutschland, one of the largest training centers of the Pilates training concept.

On this DVD Juliana Afram presents all the classic Pilates advanced exercises. The DVD begins with Pre-Pilates exercises that effectively prepare the body for the matwork program that follows. In the second half Juliana shows all the classic advanced exercises in 11 sequences with precise training instructions. Flow shows you all exercises in one flowing sequence. This enables you to review and understand each exercise's specific starting abd ending point and middle movement phase and its blend into the next movement. An illustrated booklet included with the DVD shows each exercise exemplifying the essentials of each movement in details.

A DVD fitness program for all those who want to focus on advanced Pilates matwork.