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The Anti Aging Method with Carol Argo

The Anti Aging Method with Carol Argo

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Carol Argo's The Anti Aging Method

As we age our bodies change. We need an inspiring workout that adapts gracefully to these changes so that we can continue to feel and look our best! This total body workout is a unique fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance and Pilates. Loosen up and experience the joy of movement. Strengthen, stretch and mobilize your entire body while improving posture and balance. Become more relaxed and comfortable with yourself. For all fitness levels. You only need a yoga type mat. For the bonus, you will need a chair.

Three Unique Workout Options, designed to meet any schedule and your mood:

1) Total Workout - 50 min. - Seated Yoga Warm-up, Standing Energize, Dance, Yoga-Tai Chi Dance, Posture, Long & Strong, Pilates Abs, Relaxation Yoga

2) Energize & Dance - 20 min. Standing Energizing Movement, Dance

3) All Floor Yoga & Pilates - 27 min. Seated Yoga Warm-up, Long & Strong, Pilates Abs, Relaxation Yoga

*Bonus Chair Yoga - 6 min.

Carol Argo travels worldwide training instructors at conferences and spas and is best known for her innovative east/west fusion workouts. Locally she teaches and resides in Palos Verdes, California. Carol holds numerous traditional and specialized mind-body certifications. She has been teaching since 1987 and has no plans for retirement.

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