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Tom Woll - Street Dance

Tom Woll - Street Dance

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Boedtylicious Step & Aerobic Dance with Steve Boedt

It's delicious! It's infectious! It's Boedtylicious! Steve Boedt, brilliant Belgian movement magician returns for a DVD that has not one, but two complete workouts. In Part One, while on the step, Steve takes rhythm layering to another level not seen on DVD before. Using creative cross-phrasing and intensity components as his basis, Steve's choreography is both challenging for the feet and the heart. In Part Two, Steve shows his effortless teaching skills in a dance and aerobic movement onslaught. Using giant floor patterns in conjunction with intricate foot rhythms, Steve creates an energy and style that is truly unique and definitely a workout.

Steve Boedt

A stellar career began in Belgium in 1997 when he was awarded Instructor of the year by FFA. Subsequent years saw him recieving Rookie of the year 2000, Belgium Fitness Trophy, 2003 EFAA presenter of the Year and the 2004 Presenter of Excellence UK. having travelled worldwide as a dance, teacher and now presenter and trainer and as a member of the highly acclaimed and respected Belgian NIKE Elite Team, Steve is fast gaining international acclaim for both his original boundary pushing concepts and choreography as well as his approachable yet larger than life personality.

Running Time: 60 minutes of revolutionary Dance Aerobic & Step choreography